Our software engineers can fix & improve your FOSS dependencies at a fraction of the cost by working with multiple corporate customers.

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We're a developer agency that improves YOUR open-source dependencies - across languages & frameworks. By distributing the costs over multiple clients, we can make FOSS contribution justifiable in term of return-on-investment.

Open-source funding is broken

It's a tragedy of the commons, hurting us all. Read our analysis of this problem here.

Coordination can reduce costs

An external dev agency, by combining the efforts, can improve FOSS at a much lower cost.


We provide your tech team an issue-tracker and work pretty much like an external agency.



We were struggling with adding some enhancements in Metabase. Developing those in-house proved to be too slow & costly. Polyglot team did it swiftly with us not having to maintain a fork!


Polyglot allowed us to tap into a really excellent-and-affordable pool of developer talent and finish our project faster by fixing our Python & Javascript dependencies.


We ran into a couple of Django bugs and Polyglot helped us fix them quickly and affordably.