Our software engineers can fix & improve your FOSS dependencies at a fraction of the cost by working with multiple corporate customers.

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Meet polyglot.network

We're a developer agency that improves YOUR open-source dependencies - across languages & frameworks. By distributing the costs over multiple clients, we can make FOSS contribution justifiable in term of return-on-investment.

Open-source funding is broken

It's a tragedy of the commons, hurting us all. Read our analysis of this problem here.

Coordination can reduce costs

An external dev agency, by combining the efforts, can improve FOSS at a much lower cost.


We provide your tech team an issue-tracker and work pretty much like an external agency.



We were struggling with adding some enhancements in Metabase. Developing those in-house proved to be too slow & costly. Polyglot team did it swiftly with us not having to maintain a fork!


Polyglot allowed us to tap into a really excellent-and-affordable pool of developer talent and finish our project faster by fixing our Python & Javascript dependencies.


We ran into a couple of Django bugs and Polyglot helped us fix them quickly and affordably.


  • 800 points = 160 developer hours
  • SLA: 2/3rd points delivered in 30 days
  • Refund for shortfall, if any
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  • Adaptive Pricing
  • Customized SLA
  • Compilation / Build services
  • Phone Support
  • What if the upstream does not merge your pull requests?

    This is a valid concern due to the nature of FOSS projects. Our points-based model accounts for this and aligns incentives. We get paid 70% on feature-completion and the rest 30% on upstream merge.

  • Where do you find developers?

    We have an open, remote team of 50+ developers - covering skills such as Java, Python, Javascript, Ruby, Swift and much more. Remote work allows us to find the best talent from all over the world and we can pass on the benefits to you.

  • Can we pay per-task instead of per-seat?

    Yes, it can be considered on a case-by-case basis. We'd appreciate if you can bring a referral from any of our existing customers. Just write to us.

  • Can you do custom work too?

    Yes. Our point-based contribution model recognizes the continuous spectrum of the nature of software: from being a fully private good (custom work) to fully public good (popular FOSS).